How to Integrate Extent Report in a .NET C# Project

Importance of Reports in Software Testing

Reports are the heart and soul of software testing. Whether it is a simple website or a complex VR game, we simply can’t release the software without proper testing. Reports help us keep track of all the issues involved and their development. We can easily identify the core of an issue if everything is documented properly.

Generating the Extent Report

Now, I will be showing you how we create a real-time extent report mechanism in a .Net project, which will allow us to create the report at run time without having to mention test names. It will also help us write try-catch for every test case we have in our test class.

  1. EndReport() — This method is used to call others for logging the results
  2. LoggingTestStatus() — This method is responsible for the logic with which the reports are logged.
  3. StartExtentTest() — This method is responsible to know which test you want the extent report to log



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